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Frequently asked Questions about TeknoAXE music and how to use the music.

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A Work in Progress

Postby TeknoAXE » Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:40 pm

Hello Everyone!

It's been no secret that I've been wanting to give people more of a reason to stay and hang out here at teknoaxe.com. Sometimes, due to job requirements, and the need to keep up on my music, the process of making my site a better place gets put on the back burner, but I do pick things up every once in a while.

USER VIDEOS: One thing you may have noticed, from this news post and from the 'User Videos' section of this site, is that I'm beginning to pull posts from my forum directly onto the site to make them more organically connected to everything else on this site. My hope is that you'll find reasons to maybe sign up to the forums or peruse those who have signed up and are using the features on this site to show their creations (i.e. videos, remixes).

VANILLA FORMS: In that respect, after a year of trying out Vanilla Forums to move in that direction, I've decided to eventually discontinue the use of the second forums using Vanilla and moving all the remix stuff to the php board on my site. I believe that, although Vanilla is a little more flashy than phpbb3, Vanilla doesn't provide enough to deal with spam botters, which is evidenced by the large number of spam posts that are flooding two of the categories of that place at the moment. Ironically, the questionnaire I've set up two years ago in the phpbb3 forum has done an excellent job in negating any and all spam bots from signing up, so that's obviously going to be the best way to go.

THE REGULAR FORUM: That's not to say that php bb3 doesn't have its problems, though. In fact, the very reason that it's in a sort of default state right now is because an upgrade I did to the forums last year, at the recommendation of phpbb themselves, rendered the theme and all modifications I did to the theme absolutely useless, which is why it's in the default look that it has now.

ADAPTING THE FORUM TO THE SITE: In adapting the forum posts to my website, however, I'm beginning to realize I have the ability to completely bypass the look and have my website directly utilize the forum database in the site, and eventually, I'd like to see every aspect of the forum--including signing up and posting things-- be handled in user interfaces directly from the site rather than on the actual forum. In this way, I'll be able to adapt user experience in more innovative and relevant ways for the forum users to get us of.

FEEDBACK: In that respect, I encourage you to provide feedback to this post via the Disqus comment section that is below this post. This will allow me to consider your thoughts when going forward and considering what to do with things like User Profiles, Introduction Forums, and Off Topic style communities.
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